June 28, 2013


Tee :: CAbi
Pants :: Flipside from Target
Shoes :: Tsubo Tehina
Necklace :: Baublebar
Cap :: Target
Tote :: Thursday/Friday
I mentioned the other day on my designer rant about this bag. It pretty much epitomizes my style right now :: I know & love the Balenciaga original, but I'm not buying a bag that costs over $1000. I also don't believe in buying fakes, so the fact that this cutie canvas bag (which btw is detailed on every side!!) gives a playful nod to the real deal, makes me happy. It's designer w/o being designer. Love.
If you haven't noticed, I'm obsessed with these Tsubo Tehina sandals. I didn't know if they'd match enough since I have no mustard yellow in my closet, but I'm seriously contemplating adding one of the other colors to my shoe-drobe. I've had them exactly 3 weeks and have worn them 10 times already! 
Another thing that makes me happy? Winning a contest I really wanted to win! This bag? I won it in another bloggers giveaway! Thanks, Danielle of Stingy Style!

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