June 19, 2013

Thoughts on Logos+How to Shop Designer for Less

As you may know (I mention it a lot), I rarely pay retail. When it comes to designer I'm even more frugal because I have a love/hate with labels & logos. Sometimes the quality & cache makes it all worth it, other times, I find they're not worth the $$$. I LOVE designer, and certain brands make me giddy...but I'm not a fan of logos & blatant branding plastered all over the place. 

:: You'd never see me carrying this ::

:: or wearing these ::

:: I would do this iconic LV 'never full' though, I love the preppy vibe of the initials & stripes (this one happens to belong to Laura Reese Witherspoon) ::

 ...super funny & tongue in cheek, I might do this homage to Celine ::

:: ...and you'll see me soon sporting this canvas ode to Balenciaga (it's so awesome!) ::
It's a personal thing, and I have nothing against those who do like logos, it's just not usually my bag (baby) ;)  My other issue with designer items is there are a LOT of fakes out there (Do NOT buy fakes. Just say NO to purse parties! blech! I'll post on that again sometime).  Often when something screams "brand name" it just makes me think it is a fake (even when it's not). 
Believe it or not, this Chanel bag is authentic and does cost $760

I'm not talking about knock-offs, which I'm ok with, as long as they're different enough to not look like they're actually trying to be the real thing...such as these...
That being said, this little lady below is my absolute dream bag and when/if I make it big, it will be mine (even if it is enormously overpriced). The leather is flawless, the chain strap is perfect (& can be worn 3 ways), the size is ideal, and the simple and elegant logo is tdf. If you ever see it "vintage", let me know!

Which brings me to :: How to shop designer for less!

There are several ways, and since the selection varies greatly not only from source to source, but from hour to hour. You can find new things literally every time you look.

1 // Shop Retail :: The designer sections (in store or online), sale tables, markdown racks, etc. For example, Nordstrom is having a huge designer clearance online   right now. Neiman Marcus also a good bet, but don't forget the designer's "outlet" stores, like Nordstrom Rack or Saks Off 5th, or Barney's New York outlet. If you missed it, I wrote a HUGE post recently on how to shop those stores & get the best deals.
2 // Shop Online Flash Sales :: Hautelook, the Outnet, RueLaLa, Beyond The Rack, ideeli, or any number of others. There are tons!   
3 // Shop Vintage Online :: eBay, Poshmark (I've found good buys, especially handbags, on both sites)
4 // Shop Vintage in Person :: I am currently obsessed with this idea though I haven't actually shopped yet since I always have at least one pint-sized kid in tow. I blame Dukes of Melrose. There are likely some high end consignment stores near you that sell at designer brands at 60-90% off retail, even if item is brand new. VIntage sales, estate sales, even Goodwill or thrift stores can be a goldmine for designer items at crazy low prices (I actually got our 'like new' Bugaboo stroller at Goodwill for $19.99. True Story).
4 // Sample & Warehouse Sales! :: Of course if you live in LA or NYC there are loads of these. If you're in suburban America, notsomuch...though they are out there! For instance, I pulled the fastest u-turn a few weeks ago on Bellevue Way with the glimpse of a "75% off Designer Sale!!" sign for the local label Jarbo. And you're in luck because I know of two more this weekend!
// my friend Kirstin runs an online boutique called Luxagogo featuring very high end designers that don't otherwise have much of an online presence. The prices are usually way out of my reach, but they do have great sales and an an occasional warehouse sale! The next one is coming up June 20 & 21, 10a-4p at their warehouse in SODO, 170 S Lander, Seattle.
// And most importantly...I happen to know of a HUGE designer sample sale (that I may be participating in) happening June 22 & 29 in Wallingford (also Seattle). 
For more info on the above mentioned sale, 
please comment below & leave your email address. I'll be in touch!
...and if you want to carry a logo-laden bag, more power to you!  We don't all have to agree on everything.

There's still time to win the earrings....

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