June 26, 2013

How Not Look Stupid (or Worse!) in Shorts

Ugh. Shorts. I know I'm not the only one with this feeling as I got a reader request to do a post on them! Let's face it, they're an issue. But they're pretty necessary for a few months a year. We mostly all have at least a couple pair, so to not look stupid (or worse?), the key is what style you choose and how to wear them. 

Some of the issues you (& I) have with shorts ::
• they make your legs look short(er)
• they make your thighs look big(ger)
• they can easily turn into "mom" shorts
• and the biggest problem of all...they're often too short!

Any of these issues ring true for you? I'll do my best here...but I will mention this :: Shorts are tricky. Length and the fit are key!  
I truly believe anyone can and should wear short shorts...IF your legs look like these ::
 1                                                          2

Not many of us are blessed with these gams...or maybe we remember when we had them, but time marches on, and sag...sag...sag...
So in the spirit of 'there's something for everyone' (because there is!!), here are my interpretations of great short options for different ages/body types!
shorts for all
Besides the obvious exercise and super casual looks, thanks to a trend re-started around 2004, shorts are perfectly acceptable dressed up w/ heels. Back then I even wore longer ones to the office (be it a casual one) with blouses and jackets! A great alternative to skirts, and super cute if you can get away with heels+shorts for a night out as an alternative to a dress.
 1                                                          2

A couple ways to do yourself a favor when shorts shopping // wearing ::
Length // Keep the inseam 5" or more. Anything less is considered short shorts (see above). If your thighs aren't tight, maybe even 7"+.
Pattern // Trying to eliminate bumps+bulges? Go for a pattern. 
Color // See above. The darker, the easier it is to hide your "situations".
Height // Keep your feet elevated with a heel (wedges are perfect) or platform. The quickest way to shorten your legs is to wear a stumpy flat shoe.
Style // Keep in mind the cut+fabric of the shorts works with the style of shoe you have. A sneaker with a loose, flowy short? No. A stiletto with denim cutoffs? Also no. A basic wedge sandal will take you everywhere, it really is a must have for summer dressing. Plus, wedges are so comfortable to walk in! Isn't that what you want to do when you're wearing shorts??!! (also...you may have noticed I put a couple of "skorts" into this post. Yes, they're back...a little. To look fresh & 2013 in a short, they need to have an asymmetrical hemline or look like a wrap skirt. Flat front skorts=still no)
Shoe // I've said this before, but the easiest way to elongate the leg is to wear a skin-tone shoe that blends your legs into the ground.
I don't like to put clothes into certain age categories. I think there are certain looks that work if you're 17 or 70. The key is to individualize it with hair // makeup // accessories to make the look your own. Some 17 year olds want to be conservative, while some 40 year olds want to show a little more leg. That's ok!
cute shorts for any age // shorter length
uber-affordable picks for shorter length shorts ::

cute shorts for any age // longer length

affordable picks for longer length shorts ::

Bootie shorts are no one's friend. Unless you're a gymnast or working out, no one ever needs to see that much when you actually have clothes on. They make your ass look bigger, your thighs wider, and don't even get me started on sending the wrong message to whoever is looking at you. Naturally, (because I'm me), I have some other opinions ::
shorts no one should wear
Whether you're shopping for yourself or your your teen, keep in mind that style, comfort, & personal expression are equally important elements to consider. Comfort is key, but don't sacrifice your/her unique style. 

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