June 7, 2013

Footie Friday :: DIY Sparkle Soles

For being a blog with the name "glitter" in the title, I don't actually "do" that much glitter. I love it though, in small doses (except for the holidays, when it takes over my decorating. I'm sure you'll be seeing that...). 
A super easy and fun DIY (that I in no way take credit for creating) is to sparkle up the soles of your heels with glitter. I used fine super sparkly glitter from Martha Stewart, mixing silver and gold to get this color.
I started with these gorgeous pinky nude suede pumps with a patent leather heel and mini platform. They're Franco Sarto, I purchased them at Nordstrom Rack.
The first step was to tape off the areas I didn't want glittered. I was just doing the soles, I didn't want to disrupt the suede or patent. 
After taping, I laid the shoes in a shoebox and spread a thin layer of watered down Elmers glue where I wanted the glitter to stick. It's important not to water it down too much so it's runny, but not leave it so thick it gets clumpy. Once the glue is painted on (I used a disposable foam brush), I sprinkled the glitter on pretty heavily. I repeated the process with a second coat about 2 hours later, and the next day finished it off with a clear spray sealant. You can buy all the supplies at JoAnn or Michaels or order from Amazon. You could also use mod podge instead of white glue.
Do you have nude heels? Or glitter? Need some?
So what if the only person who sees the glitter is behind you on the stairs? 
It's your little sparkly secret!
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