May 16, 2013

Shop on Sale :: Leather Jackets

It goes without saying that you should rarely pay full-price. I never say never, but most times you can find what you want and not pay retail. 
I've been coveting several black leather jackets for over two years now, both run in excess of $850. So......No. 
However, I know what I want & have been willing to wait (read :: have been too broke to buy a really nice one). A little birdie told me about this one below (from Spiegel of all places!) & I'm a tad obsessed.  
It's a steal at $169 (from $334) and there's an additional 20% off (with code Spiegel2013), so.....
// should I? //

I also really really love this one I talked about here (but it's full price at $298)

I also did shop around and found these great options for sale leathers (& faux-leathers) in case you need one too. ;)

Question :: When is the right time to shop for things you need? 
When you're desperate & need it right now?  
Answer :: NO! Plan a season or two ahead & shop on SALE!

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