May 10, 2013

Footie Friday :: Neutral Ankle Strap Sandals

A couple of days ago, I acknowledged my love of neutrals. Head to toe, you can't go wrong. Many of my clients are unsure about wearing light neutrals next to their faces for fear of it washing them out. My advice is to add a bright lip, which brightens the face immediately! The easy route is to wear a neutral this case, an amazing neutral sandal!
Neutral Ankle Strap Sandals
Another trend I wholeheartedly embrace is the ankle strap! You can find absolutely any height heel with an ankle strap right now, from ballet flats to heels. The sandals above are all fantastic options for spring and summer in -low to mid-heel heights in all price points!

And since I love to shop, I've picked out a bunch more to look at....all on sale! Just click on the images to go to the product pages.

Some things to keep in mind with an ankle strap :: They should never be tight or pull on your skin. Also, in order to avoid visually "cutting off your foot", opt for an ankle strap in a color as close to your skin tone as possible. 
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