May 24, 2013

Footie Friday :: Battle of the Gold+Black Flat Sandal

I've been on the hunt for an everyday pair of black sandals for the warming temps. I'm lately really into gold+black together...and clearly the shoe Gods are on my team since every other flat sandal I see fits the bill. It is no problem finding what I want in this category!
Well, as you can see above, I bought one pair, then another. 
One cost $60 (which I thought was pretty good...), the other $8 (OMG!). Can you spot the steal?

My favorite detail of the left shoe is the metal toe. How many pair of sandals do you have with a beat up front? This move is genius, I'd love to see it carry over to Autumn boots. The right shoe has that awesome metal-looking plate (which is actually flexible!) that looks chic+industrial at the same time. I do love them both, but the steal wins. One will go back.

I found a number of others to debate over...these are all basically the same sandal...some more similar than others ;)
You can find them at all price points! How much would you pay?

Let the battle begin! 

Battle of the gold+black flat sandals
Battle of the gold+black flat sandals
Battle of the gold+black flat sandals
So which sandal wins supreme?

1::Mossimo Falk $18 (or in-store for $8 in Issaquah!)
2::Steve Madden Hamil $50 
3::Dolce Vita Apex $46
4::Truth or Dare by Madonna Munos $73
5::Mossimo Nina $18
6::Dolce Vita Ayden $46
7:: Isola Adolina $80 
8::Prada T-Strap $430
9::Ted Baker Reveera $155 
10::Dolce Vita Darcie $69
11::Bronx Happy Feet $80
12::Steve Madden Cufff $60

Seriously, I'd love to hear what you think!
Clearly shoe manufacturers were in bed together on this one! 
Don't forget to enter the necklace ends on Sunday!
 Good Luck!
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