May 5, 2013

DIY :: Elastic Hair Ties

Made from stretchy nylon/spandex, knotted at the end...these hair ties can be worn as a bracelet or as a non-pulling ponytail holder (or headband). 
Favorites of the celeb-crowd, but super easy to DIY! 
I bought my first hair ties 4 years ago on etsy, and I'm certainly not the first to re-create these little cuties, but since I was already making them, I thought I'd share the process!
I volunteered to make some for the foster teen girls I mentor at Treehouse (hence the color choices), but you can buy elastic in literally any color, print, even glitter.
These make terrific gifts & would also be a great easy project for tweens. 
I started with 12 yards of nylon/spandex which yielded 12 headbands and 20 hair ties (if I was just making the hair ties, I could have gotten 4 per yard, or 48 total).

Here's what you need to start:
ruler // 5/8" elastic // fray check // scissors
Measure and cut the elastic in 9" pieces (cut straight or diagonal). Seal each end with the fray check. If you want to do headbands, cut to 21".

If you don't use fray check, you'll get ends that resemble this:
Tie them in knots and pull tight, leaving a .75" end


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  1. Totally making these....of course I've seen the PInterest for this a bizillion times but now that you posted it, I'm going to do this this summer with Kate. I saw one the other day where you put a cute bead in the tie too....can now wear as a bracelet and a hair tie!