May 27, 2013

And the Winner Is...

...I'll tell ya in a minute. ...

It's Memorial Day. My heart is heavy. Today marks five years since I got the late night phone call no one wants to get (while 6 months pregnant), saying my Dad was being rushed to the hospital with a 5% chance of survival. My otherwise healthy & hearty father didn't make it, and poof! Just like that, everything changed for our family forever. I'll be remembering him today & honoring his memory, as well as thinking about all the men & women who've served, fought, and died for our country!
I'm not sure when this weekend became about sale shopping. I'm not even sure I noticed until, like, Thursday? I did partake in some of it, I went a little nuts in the shoes arena this past week. I *may* have 6 new pair. We'll see what I keep. That said, I'm also purging big time & replacing worn & torn (not that you care, but for some reason I feel the need to justify?!). Do you need new shoes?

If so, I wanted to introduce you to Sole Society...I'm pretty sure I learned about them from another blogger since they don't advertise anywhere but online. It's a Nordstrom-backed shoe company (now delving into bags+accessories...not sure how I feel about those just yet...) with great leather shoes at easy to digest price points. Pretty much everything is $49-$69! Their other partner is Vince Camuto, who also makes great shoes. I've bought a few pairs over time and am really happy with all three pair (though none have made it on this blog yet...)
I recently chatted about these (which are now on sale):

Right now (hurry, ends tonight) they're having a Memorial Day sale with a selection at 25% off.  Or, if you're new to them, your first purchase is 20% off! They have free shipping both ways (I loathe paying for shipping!)
Sole Society
The internet is full of gem websites aiming to grab you as a customer, enticing you with steals, deals, free shipping, the works! Aaaaannnnnd, it's fun to try new things. 
//BTW, this isn't a sponsored post, Sole Society has no idea who I am. I just like their stuff and thought you might too.//

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Oh yeah...funny story about the the winner of this little beauty...Rafflecopter selects the winner at random. Full disclosure // I entered the contest just to see how it worked. And I won. HAHA!

But naturally, I selected again. So the real winner is:
Holly Haley!

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