April 4, 2013

Spring 2013 Denim Trends

Have you done any denim shopping for Spring yet? The choices are seriously endless. Luckily, trends not mentioned below (like the boyfriend cut, neon, cropped, patterned, and of course floral are all still good bets). 
These below are our favorites for Spring 13! 
Spring 2013 Denim Trends


Which look is your favorite? Would you wear any of these trends?

 We're crazy for all of these. If budgets were limitless, we'd likely sport each and every one. Instead, we buy trends on sale, from lesser brands, and DIY! If all goes as planned, you'll soon see a DIY here for ombre jeans...we taught you how to distress denim here


  1. Bought a pair of denim soft metallic leggings last night on sale at the Rack. In a quandry over whether they are tacky or super cool...The metallic is a soft copper color. Thoughts?

    Got my shirt dress yesterday LOVE!! Thanks!

    1. Sounds fun Lynn! Just keep the rest of the outfit simple & you can pull them off for sure., send me a pic!