April 21, 2013

Rainy Day Mama

Icky rainy day, no shower, no planned outfit, & no intention of a photo shoot! Then I ran into a friend at Target & we chatted about the blog & she asked me if I was taking pictures...I was quick to say no, but then I thought...why not? This is REALITY dressing!!
Rain Coat :: similar // Tee :: similar // CAbi Ruby Jeans (my new faves!!) // Shorty Rain Boots (similar...& with a bow!) // Banana Republic Fedora (similar) // Diaper Bag :: Kate Spade (similar)
Looking put together isn't about spending an hour picking out the perfect combo, a long hot shower, or in this case, even clean clothes! I knew I didn't have time to wash my hair, so I skipped the shower. I LOVE the "beachy waves" hair trend!! It means you can literally NOT brush your hair, just comb through with your fingers & you're done.
I grabbed the closest pair of jeans & a cozy tee. I also chose a hat for this rainy day. I just got this felt one on sale at Banana Republic & I love the casual chic it offers.  What I did make time for was a little makeup. I always feel more put together with my face on! I don't wear much makeup, but even a little makes me feel so much better. 
Grabbed the rain coat, diaper bag, and these shorty rain boots that I bought for $11 at Target months ago but have not yet worn, & I was ready to go!
Even when the weather is gross, or there's no time for a shower...you can still pull off a polished look without much effort. It took me exactly the same time to put this outfit on as it would have to put on sweats! But so much better!

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