April 23, 2013

Limited Editions+How We Got Here!

Hi ladies! Many of you are visiting this little blog for the first time today, so...welcome! Please stay til the end of the post...you never have to visit again if you're not interested, but I'm hoping you are! 
I wanted to introduce you to Glitter In The Grey as well as the Spring-13 Limiteds, so how better than to do it all at once! 
It's been a dream all of my life to work for a fashion magazine. Writing, styling, research, all of it! Instead of braving NYC as a new college grad though, I stayed safe in Seattle and took the super traditional path (not complaining!). Stayed local, got married, moved to the 'burbs, had kids...

I blame it on Pinterest. Or rather, I thank Pinterest! I've found so much fashion and design inspiration over the past 2 years that it made me think, "Why can't I provide inspiration too?" So I started planning this blog in my head. I grabbed my friend Emily to join me and Glitter In The Grey was born.
It is meant to offer up a little sparkle from grey Northwest days with outfit, decor, design, shopping, recipe, and DIY ideas. It's like having our own little magazine...only this publication comes out several times a week, online only, with little snippets of information in easily digestible bites! 

Besides "What's a blog?", other questions I've received are "How do I read it?", "What's am I supposed to do?", and "How do you follow a blog?" There are no stupid questions when it comes to this, because I too am learning constantly! After I show you the limited editions, I'll answer those and more!


Here's the scoop on these little gems. They are truly {as always} limited in quantity. Unlike the rest of the Spring-13 line, these are available for a short time only. Pre-orders need to be placed by 4/30 to guarantee delivery. I don't have them in person, but I do have a video if you'd like to see them in action. Email me and I'm happy to send it your way! Also, detailed collection notes at the bottom of this post.

:: Back to how to keep up with us! ::
(We really hope you do.)
We put a lot of thought into our posts and while we hope the information will be valuable to our readers, it's a lot of fun for us to get the chance to be creative and share our thoughts! We aim to inspire, stay positive, be educational and entertaining.

Emily and I like to follow blogs via email subscribe. Each time there is a post, it's emailed to us! You can do the same with Glitter In The Grey by entering your email address here:

You can also subscribe to an RSS feed, or follow with a blog reader, like bloglovin'. You can also regularly connect with us on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest (those links are at the top of the page!)

Thanks for taking the time to help us build our blog!

We not only hope to see you here again, but hope you enjoy us enough to share us with your friends! 

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