April 3, 2013

LBD :: Lace { Masquerade Ball }

I got to play dress-up! It was like prom, only I got to drink legally, had no nervous jitters, & my parents didn't pay for any of it. It was so.much.fun! Not that there is anything wrong with the title "Suburban Mama", but "Avid Cocktail Party-Goer" sounds waaaay more awesome. 
This was a masquerade themed fundraiser. Black LBD (little black dress) was the only way to go.
My girlfriends & I went to our Premier Event Gala for Junior League of Seattle.  Before you say anything, it's not the "Junya Leeeeg" as known in mid-century Mississippi c/o The Help. We've never "lunched" or shunned someone for wearing too much makeup (or too little >>> let's be honest, this is Seattle). In fact, most of my time spent volunteering is done in a t-shirt & jeans face to face with super-worthy women and teens in need in our community. So...I'm generally not sporting heels or black lace like here.
I hunted high & low to find a timeless, comfortable, affordable dress that would ideally see light again & not hang out with past bridesmaid dresses in the closet. I adore this dress. I found it at Nordstrom Rack which was super lucky since it's a current style at Nordstrom & this one must have been altered & returned only to make it's way to me.
Nude pumps are a current obsession of mine. They can be worn with any color/pattern/print & look so very chic. They're also leg lengthening which is always a bonus. Mine are Franco Sarto suede (also from Nordstrom Rack), which I tricked out with DIY glitter soles.

This was a true "Shop Your Closet" moment :: While the dress was new, the bag, necklace, & mask are super old. The mask was originally from an event my parents went to decades ago (though more recently from our dress-up box). The bag I really did carry at my own prom, and the necklace I wore to a tolo dance as well (my mom & I got tons of rhinestone jewelry in the 80's at local vintage shops).

LBD::lace for masquerade ball

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