March 30, 2013

Texture+Pattern Mixing :: Leopard+Tweed

Mixing textures & patterns does not come naturally to a lot of people. You see models in J.Crew with patterned pants, floral shirt, striped sweater & a bright shoe and it all looks so effortless. It's not! Admittedly, I often have a hard time with it as well, so here are some mixing basics:
1 :: stick with one or two colors or a single color palette
2 :: you can mix a texture with a pattern, but it gets trickier when you try to mix multiple textures by themselves.
3 :: mix smaller textures or patterns with a larger ones (scale is important)
Bringing together this darling tweed bomber (old//CAbi) with the leopard sweater (old//Mossimo) was an easy match. Both are espresso brown with camel, & while the sweater has a larger pattern, the jacket has a small texture so they pair perfectly. I added to the theme with the gold chain & brown crystal necklace (old//J.Crew), black suede booties to coordinate with the leather trim on the jacket, & indigo flared jeans (see, you can put black & navy together...that's another post).
Jacket :: Vintage CAbi // Leopard T-Shirt Sweater :: Target (can't find anything similar!) // Flare Jeans :: CAbi (same cut, different color) // Feather Necklace :: Banana Republic (similar) // Brown/Gold Crystal Necklace :: J.Crew // Black Suede Booties :: Target
I had to include the tab detail on the back of the jacket. CAbi always does a fantastic job of keeping you looking just as good going as you were coming.
On another note, did you notice my leopard sweater? 
It's one of the "forgotten children" I promised myself I'd put to use here!  

Follow the simple rules to texture+pattern mixing & I'm sure you'll be able to create a new look from your closet you'd not thought of before!

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