March 20, 2013

Favorite Purchase of 2012

Much of the country woke up to snow this week; here in Seattle I don't think we got any all season (although it's still cold!) I would have loved a little white fluff but I guess we'll hold out hope for next year.
Spring starts {technically} today, though I think many of us (snow or not) will be sporting coats for a while. This leopard number was my all.time.favorite purchase of 2012 (for so many reasons). It's baby-blanket soft, has a lovely stand up collar, fresh, oversized snap closure, & looks really luxe. But most of all, it was $35 from...get this, Target! I've had many a lady ask me where I got it this winter, and I'm so tempted to say "New York, dahling"...But I don't. I can't help but share my bargains, so I pretty much always give myself away. 
It really does look expensive, no?
I have worn this nude blouse so many times in so many ways over the past 6 months, but I doubt I've ever worn it the same way twice. It literally works with every print, pattern, color, & style. 
I highly recommend a neutral wear-with-everything blouse that can go casual to dressy.  
:: photos by Tina Palmer Photography ::

Blouse :: CAbi (similar) // Tank :: CAbi (similar) // Coat :: Target (similar), Jeans :: CAbi (similar), Clutch :: Marc Jacobs NM+Target (similar), Booties :: Dorothy Perkins (similar on clearance, & I like these better!), Jewelry :: mostly all vintage

Shop Leopard Coats::
The expensive looking items in your closet don't have to cost a lot. Keep in mind what you've been coveting whenever you're shopping, even at bargain stores. Look for quality fabrics & finishes that read luxe. You're secret's safe with me.
leopard coat meets teal & magenta

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