March 13, 2013

Fash-letic Shoes

First of all, I love the idea there are literally categories on my favorite e-stores called things like "fashion athletic shoes".

Why can't your workout shoes look just as interesting as the ones  you sport outside the gym? Fash-letic
These options are bright, fashion forward, & would look just as awesome with gym gear as they would as part of a real outfit. These are the ones I'm likely buying because I'm obsessed with orange, plus those with just one color will be way easier for me to work with...also::I just noticed Target is having a buy one, get one 50% off promo on shoes & handbags!

My other fash-letic shoe obsession is with pumped-up kicks. I first saw these about 2 years ago...I think Ash was the first one to put these out to mass market. What are "pumped-up kicks" you ask? Well, picture a wedge tennis shoe. You've seen them, wondered about did I. I actually told myself I hated them for a long while. Even after my aunt, who's in Italy half the year & always fills me in on the Euro-trends, told me the Italian girls are all wearing them, I still balked. Then I found a pair I loved & everything changed. 
Why I love these:
1) they're gold metallic
2) the heel height is perfectly comfortable & wearable all day
3) they're not too buckle-ey, zipper-ey, velcro-ey...they're not too.
4) they're priced right at my super trend budget
 That's me wearing my sweetest accessory, le bèbè.
playground chic, no?

want some of your own?
Pumped Up Kicks

You really don't have to have any part of your {public} wardrobe feel shame. You can find stylish gym (or let's face it, errand) shoes at any price point!


  1. Hello new follower over here!!
    I found your blog off of Ashley Ella Desing :) She designed my blog too, yours is super cute!

    I love those target wedged sneakers! and $30 is a steal compaired to the Marc jacob ones!

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    1. Anissa, thanks!! We'll check you out as well!

  2. Morgann, are yours the Target shoe? They are adorable on you! Do you think they would be comfy tromping through Europe?