March 22, 2013

Do you Instagram?

Curious what we're up to on the weekends?? Well if you're on Instagram, you're likely to find out what we're eating, wearing, visiting, or smiling about.  
Some of Morgann's recent faves she's instagrammed::
Do you Instagram?  Should you Instagram (yes!). What is Instagram? 
The quick answer is it's an image-based version of social media accessed with an app by smart phone. Similar to twitter, but in pictures (just my style!) The best part about it though, is you don't actually have to participate unless you want to. You can subscribe to all sorts of accounts that post beautiful pictures (or just your facebook friends, or both!) ...Or teenagers you want to spy on. ...Or people who live terribly fabulous lives you can gawk at.  ...Or you can post pictures from your life for others to see privately or publicly.
These images are some of my recent "likes" from Morgann's Instagram feed.
ivankatrump // enewsgirl // garypeppergirl
amandacbrooks // nanettelepore // nordstrom
Of course both of us also love to follow friends, co-workers, & family. Both of our feeds are live on this website just to the right :: "Insta-Em" & "Insta-Morgs" in real time! If you follow us, we'd love to follow you back! 
Morgann's username is Glitteringrey, Emily's is GlitterEmily. 

We know it's just another time suck, but you never know where you'll find inspiration. You can be on it for 10 seconds or 10 minutes. How long does it take you be inspired?

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