March 27, 2013

Denim on Denim & the Semi-Tuck

What Emily's Wearing //
Shirt :: CAbi (similar splurge, similar save)
Jeans :: Paige (similar)
Scarf :: Banana Republic (similar)
Booties :: Franco Sarto (similar)
Necklace :: (similar)

Denim shirt with jeans? Seriously?! No, really. It can be done. 
Here's how my friend Emily does it :: 
Start with 2 different colors (a good contrast is key to not looking like you're sporting a Canadian Tuxedo). Light top+dark jeans, or dark shirt+faded jeans. Super easy, right? Next is to properly accessorize. Here I have both the necklace &/or the scarf option. Either works, depends on the how warm you want to be. I chose black, but you can accessorize with literally.any.color. Go for it! I also wore neutral suede booties to lighten up the look, but easily could have worn black boots or a colored shoe & it would have worked just as well.
The other component that makes this look work is the half-tuck or semi-tuck. The half-tuck is when you tuck in just the front section of your shirt, the back stays out. The semi-tuck is when half of that comes loose & it looks like above. But seriously, either look is very on-trend and makes the outfit look put together & like you didn't try too hard. If you don't believe me, check this out!

Even the most simple items in your closet can be perked up with a little styling. The way you tuck (or don't!) tuck your shirt and the extra moments it takes to grab a necklace or scarf make all the difference.

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