February 6, 2013

Currently Coveting :: Mint Julep

Am I the only one obsessed with the color mint right now? It's like it popped out of nowhere only to usurp "emerald" as top dog. I saw a little of it this fall but once Spring collections started appearing, all of a sudden it's everywhere. Plus, I love that it's been embraced by top designers as well as main street stores.
Here are a few options I love & will likely be sporting!

currently coveting::mint julep

How are you planning on incorporating this soft green into your wardrobe?  I can't decide!


  1. you are not alone in your mint obsession. my closet is slowly but steadily filling with anything and everything mint. it's getting a little out of hand.
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  2. Thx for commenting! I can't wait to really launch this site & put out some real content...but I don't want to waste it until our design is complete & we get out of beta!!

  3. These are great! Mint is currently my color obsession!

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