January 14, 2013

Yellow Skinnies in the Winter

By this time, most of you have some denim in a color other than indigo or black.  I am a little obsessed with the colored pants trend and, at last count, have 8 pair (with one in the mail, see yesterday's post). To be fair, I'm including white & leopard even though those technically aren't colors.  This particular limon CAbi pair scared me when I first saw them last spring.  They're really bright.  They're also short (above the ankle), so they read very spring-y unless they're inside boots. But as things do, they grew on me, & now I'm pairing them with a lot!  Why not wear a fun spring color in the dead of winter?

Below is what I actually wore today: a nautical stripe shirt & a very fall/winterish fringe sweater (also from CAbi) with my Frye boots. I thought the horizontal vs. vertical stripes were interesting, and the yellow skinnies acted as a neutral with both tee & sweater.  The brown boots tied it all together. 
I happened to be shopping today, & tried on this darling navy stripe long cardigan at Nordstrom Rack, which I loved.
which look do you like more?  

Don't save summer colors for warm weather, you can wear them in the cold by pairing them back to darker neutrals.

yellow skinnies in the winter pt 2        yellow skinnies in the winter pt 1

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