January 11, 2013

Tweed Meets Snow Leopard

Yesterday was as grey & drizzly as ever here, but a perfect day for booties, a messy pony, and my darling tweed coat.  When it's cold, often there's no sense in bothering with a cute underlayer since you never take your coat off when you're out & about.  Because of that, invest in a good coat!  My suggestion: Buy coats twice per year.  I'd suggest once pre-season, in the summer (think Nordstrom Anniversary Sale).  By the time you're aching for a new one, it's January & they're on sale again!  After a couple of years, you'll have accumulated a little collection of cuts, colors, & styles, & you can purge accordingly.  My tweed coat is CAbi & is 4 years old.  It's got a unique shape, but isn't trendy, so it will stand the test of time (like any good investment piece should).  The jeans however, supa-trendy!  I adore them.  Leopard print, but subtle, since they're grey.  I think I was inspired by the first fashion blogger I discovered, Kendi Skeen.  She takes minimal fashion risks, but just enough to be daring in an accessible way.  Plus, she looks fantastic in everything which makes me think...if I put on something similar, so will I??

Invest in an on-trend coat once a year.  It's the first thing people see on you in the winter (& just think, if you don't have to take it off while running errands, who cares what's underneath?)

snow leopard does tweed

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