January 22, 2013

The Scoop on CAbi

My cool job as a fashion consultant for the premier (IMO) social selling clothing company, CAbi, took me this past weekend from frigid Seattle to 70's in Southern CA. Heavenly! Our biannual convention, called the "Scoop" has taken me all over the country in the past 6 years, but San Diego is by far my favorite spot for a convention. Plus, it's my dream city to live in which doesn't hurt!

On the way I snapped this amaze shot of our local masterpiece, Mt. Rainier. Getting a window seat is a must-have for me just for the scenic beauty of the places I come from & the places I'm going!
Sculptural Details Downtown
One of my instagrammed shots of the glistening harbor & bridge to Coronado.
The streets around the convention center were dotted with our cute signature CAbi dress logo (if you're lost, follow the pink stamped road...)
The personal styles of the 3000+ CAbi girls range from super conservative to very eclectic (just like those of our clients!). Creative dressing definitely defines my personal style, as it does for my friend Lisa, pictured here. Her pop of yellow in the pencil skirt paired with a light grey print silk top leave room for some darker accents, like the charcoal arm warmers. Her black opaque tights & booties are brought together by the jet beads, & help give the sense this is a winter outfit. She can also wear this blouse & skirt in the summer with bare legs & it would look completely seasonally appropriate!
Because she's a fashionista, of course Lisa has an arm party with her CAbi bangles (one of many beautiful jewelry gifts we can earn as incentives) along with Stella & Dot spiral wrap & leather wrap bracelets.  Her CAbi outfit is all "vintage" as we say (which means anything older than the current season) & specific items are no longer available.
The purpose of the Scoop is to introduce us to the new CAbi season, so watch out for a TON of new CAbi that will be available. It's incredible & I'll be blogging all about it soon!
At the closing event, I was dying to grab hold of these giant balloon bouquets...
Last glimpse of tall palms for a while, sunrise at the airport. 
Another shot from the air...the amazing topography of the west never disappoints!  

Take pictures of what inspires you!

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