January 12, 2013

Sweater Weather

SUCH a beautiful day here yesterday!  We don't get them that often in January. If we can't have snow, I'm happy with the glittering ground caused by the frozen frost.  
It was not wet (for once) & not too cold, so I figured I'd double up on the sweaters and skip the coat.  Funny thing is, the colors completely changed with the photography.  Both sweaters are actually green.  The shawl sweater turned brown in the photos, and my dark teal wedges seriously exploded. ok!  I'm not adverse to mixing colors that wouldn't usually be paired, and I love to add a pop of color. These wedges are my favorite new color pop. I need more of it!

You can pair multiple shades of a single color together without having to match them!
stay tuned for Em's take on the day & her darling emerald skinnies. love!

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