January 15, 2013

Flying South For The Winter

I'm so looking forward to a few days in the sun, even if many of those hours will be spent in a classroom! Also I know I'll have a great time with all my CAbi girlfriends and will be posting more pics soon!

I was tempted to buy this suitcase at full price because I need a new one and it's just so darn cute. But when it got marked down to 70% off at the Target + Neiman Marcus collaboration it was a no-brainer! The best part is the lining is bright turquoise. Makes packing a happy event!

Sometimes your luggage wants to be stylish too. 
Plus, no one will accidentally grab my bag from baggage claim!

1 comment:

  1. that collection was definitely best shopped on clearance - love the bright fun bag!!
    Chic on the Cheap