March 24, 2014

Vince Or CAbi

Fashion is all about what's right for you at this moment. Which is what I adore about it.  The fact is, if you like a certain look or aesthetic, you shouldn't have to pay high designer prices to get it. I rarely do.

Vince is probably my favorite designer label. It's all about clean lines, loose shapes, solid colors + muted prints, subtle-classic-elegant-fashion forward dressing. I LOVE everything about Vince, and their shoes and accessories are the bomb. I'm talking Vince. Not Vince Camuto (who makes shoes I do like) or Vince anything else. 

Just Vince. Thing is, it's pricey. Like 2-3x what I want to spend on this type of basic.
This season I'm thrilled to say CAbi and Vince were on the same page with a lot of their designs. So....if you're like me and want some Vince-looking designer clothing, you can get it with likely better quality and lesser prices from CAbi.
Every single comparison here is available NOW from Vince @ Nordstrom (all on the left) or by CAbi from me, all on the right. What speaks to you? Wish I could take one of each!
I'm all in favor of a high-end designer look without necessarily paying for a designer label. Sometimes you can get lucky & find designer labels (at say, Nordstrom Rack for instance), other times it's just better to buy something that looks like the designer for a fraction of the price. It's all how you wear it anyway since the labels are on the inside...

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March 18, 2014

Take Me To Dinner

Headed to dinner in Seattle typically doesn't involve wearing a dress. I love to dress up as much as the next gal, but on the regular the women 'round here wear jeans. Dressed up a little (??!!) haha...often not at all...but it makes me look a lot less conspicuous with my heels & glitzy necklaces if there are jeans on the bottom. 
What I'm Wearing //
Fleather Shell, Arm Warmers, & Static Jacket // old CAbi  (jacket last seen here)
Boyfriend Jeans // Gap (& a $30 Target option)
Cleo Bag // Oscar & Anna 
(also available locally at My Dressing Room on Queen Anne)
Booties // Cole Haan via Nordstrom Rack (tons of similar ones on sale at Nordy's!)

You can literally jazz up any outfit by adding a little jacket or blazer. It's one of my all time favorite looks. Without it, this look is fine...with it, it looks like an outfit. Love me a blazer.

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